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IN.CH water chillers are extremely compact and can be installed easily and flexibly inside buildings, without generating any of the issues arising from the outdoor installation of traditional chillers.

Their efficiency is particularly high because they exploit the evaporative condensing principle to reduce energy consumption. The water that evaporates in contact with the condenser takes away a high amount of heat. Compared to traditional air-cooled chillers, the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant (ecological R410A) are considerably reduced, thus enabling a more effective cooling cycle.


The 5 kW cooling power model (capable of cooling a whole apartment!), for example, uses little more than 1.5 kW of electricity! Thanks to this innovative operation, air flows are reduced (because most of the heat is dispersed by water evaporation). This permits simple indoor installation using small ducts and holes (just 160 mm!) to the external connections.


The hydraulic part of the product enables easy connection to the system. The IN.CH chiller works easily in combination with a boiler, enabling integrated heating and cooling systems to be created using air terminals (fan coils) or radiant panels.

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