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Air Conditioning installations often require the use of external condensing units. Now, Icap introduces the new INNOVA “2.0”, a European style approach to air conditioning without an outdoor unit.

Almost invisible, outdoor and indoor

The Innova “2.0” is only 16 cm. deep. The “2.0” is by far the slimmest of its type. The installation impact is therefore minimised not only outdoor with no condensing unit but also indoor

Easy to install

The Innova “2.0” can be installed on any external wall, both in a low or a high position. In multi-storey buildings it can be completely installed from inside so there is no need for expensive scaffolding

“Cooling Only” and “Heat Pump” in the same version

The Innova “2.0” is manufactured in a cooling and heating model only and requires a drainpipe to drain away the condensate. The “heating function” can be deactivated so the unit will perform in “cooling only”. In the cooling only mode no condensate drainage is required.

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